The Power of Money—the Bad and the Good

The Power of Money—the Bad and the Good QUESTION:  I have my own money and I inherited some more from my parents.  I find I am very confused about what to do with it. I buy things I don’t really need, and I give to charity but mostly only at the end of the year.  I want to do something bigger and give back to my community but where do I start? I find that I am fearful about the money. I have even gone to a financial planner and we determined I have plenty.  Can you help? . .

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Changing the System

changing the system

Throughout my life, I have worked with people and organizations, studying and trying to help them produce change and then measure its impact validly. After 75 years of life, I feel like I have put my time to good use and learned a lot, not only about systems – how they work at the cellular, mid-level and big-picture levels, and what best promotes changewithin them – but also about the importance of meaning… what makes people feel like what they’re doing is meaningful. I have learned that people in retirement want good health, passion, purpose, and joy or contentment. I

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